24 March 2022

With Msc Brunella a new record of over 10 thousand Teus handled

Scalisi: “We are able to manage the change taking place in the world of port terminals. Less calls but with a important increase in ship movements"


LA SPEZIA: A new record of over 10 thousand teus handled on a single ship what was achieved in recent days by La Spezia Container Terminal with the arrival in our docks of MSC Brunella, the Neo-Panamax class ship, with nominal capacity of 8,827 teus, in service on routes to Central America and the west coast of the United States, service managed by MSC Geneva.

The ship began operations on the east quay of the La Spezia Terminal last March 14, completing the tasks with a total handling of 10,457 teus, getting over a previous figure dating back to August 2021.

"The operations carried out for Msc Brunella, in addition to confirming LSCT's ability to face and manage demanding and complex processes, are yet another sign of the profound change that is affecting the world of shipping and the challenges to which the port terminals are called to respond. - comments the CEO of LSCT, Alfredo Scalisi - less affected ships arriving and shorter schedules but a significant increase in movements and the need for faster and more complex operations ".


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