31 March 2021

Lloyd's Register renews La Spezia Container Terminal’s ISO certifications

ISO certifications for Integrated Management System for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment at LSCT successfully renewed


The inspection days by Lloyd's Register ended positively and the certification body renewed the certifications already obtained and maintained by LSCT, namely the certifications ISO 9001: 2015 (relating to Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001: 2015 (relating to Environmental Management Systems), and ISO 45001: 2018 (relating to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

In all three cases, these are voluntary and non-mandatory certifications, confirming LSCT's belief that the use of such management systems can bring benefits in terms of the service level offered to the Customer, process efficiency, and business results. These certifications demonstrate that company activities are carried out in compliance with applicable legislations, and in accordance with requirements relating to the protection of the health of its workers and the environment. LSCT’s QSA integrated management system is also an engine for innovation in processes and company organization.

In order to maintain the ISO certifications, the company undergoes periodic checks and verifications by external bodies that are in charge of verifying the compliance of management with the ISO regulations. The checks are also used for identifying areas for improvement and monitoring and informing the company about any new obligations.

Unlike the "surveillance" visits that reassess and confirm, on an annual basis, the adherence of the systems to the requirements of the standard, the "renewal" visit is a much more in-depth check that can last several days and which takes place on a three-year basis.

This second type of visit took place last January 2021 and involved the verification, by the Lloyd's Register auditors, of all company processes for the purpose of renewing the certificates for all three ISO schemes. The next visits to the La Spezia Container Terminal are scheduled for January 2022 (surveillance visit) and January 2024 (renewal visit).

Paola Pirrello, Energy Manager of LSCT, commented: "As an organization, we have changed our approach to the management of risk-taking a much more systematic and future-focused approach.  This ensures greater focus on the management of activities from a preventive point of view, for a continuous reduction of potential risks. "

LSCT's QSA team is made up of 4 people, including 3 employees and a supervisor. In addition to being the company reference point for obtaining and maintaining certifications, the team works throughout the year to ensure the management of the safety and health aspects of workers, aimed at reducing accidents, and the protection of the environment. For example, in the management of atmospheric emissions, noise, water, waste. The 360 ​​° process management system aims to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and adherence to best practices dictated by internal policies.

"The coordination of the preparatory activities for the certifications is the responsibility of the QSA office, in tight collaboration with LSCT Top Management, but the result is closely linked to the continuous commitment of all the company staff, through the proactive participation of all the people involved, who are an integral part of the system that guarantees the quality and safety of the entire terminal ”added Ermanno Gianelli, Health Safety and Environment Manager of La Spezia Container Terminal.


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