3 February 2016

La Commercial Service Unit contship a Fruit Logistica - Berlino

Contship Italia Group Commercial Service Unit to participate in Fruit Logistica, Berlin - February 3-5.


Commercial Director Raffaello Cioni will again be present at this year event to show case the Group strong interest in supporting the temperature controlled global supply chain, providing the opportunity to meet all other attendees from global and specialist shipping line customers, as well as direct importers and exporters and dedicated logistic supply entities in this important sector.

Raffaello will be available to convey full details of Contship products in both La Spezia and Ravenna.

Ravenna is already well established in the produce market in the Adriatic, supporting bespoke solutions to the supermarkets of Italy, Germany and as far afield as the UK.

La Spezia System now includes the La Spezia Reefer Center, a dedicated facility providing multiple service opportunities for efficient processing of produce sourced from the global market place.

Raffello Cioni is enthusiastic at the prospects of his return to Berlin: “I have been present in recent years, meeting many of our customers. The world is full of opportunities to share and taste an increasingly wide variety of products from the four corners of the planet. With the global connections and additional services available via our Contship product, this is an excellent occasion to broaden our horizon to ensure the market is aware of the opportunities provided by our Group.”

Contship Italia Group directly operates in the ports of La Spezia, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari, Ravenna, Salerno, Tangier and in the multimodal inland port of Milan, Melzo.



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