2 December 2016

Verso il Mediterraneo - Sezioni del paesaggio da Salerno a Reggio Calabria

From December 15th 2016 to February 14th 2017 the central Institute for graphics in Rome (Palazzo Poli, via Poli 54) will host the exhibition “Verso il Mediterraneo. Sezioni del paesaggio da Salerno a Reggio Calabria” (Towards the Mediterranean – Landscape sections from Salerno to Reggio Calabria) curated by Emilia Giorgi and Antonio Ottomanelli, presenting more than 100 works by some of the major contemporary Italian photographers, who have been depicting the landscape crossed by the A3 highway Salerno – Reggio Calabria.  


The subheading of the exhibition is inspired by the renowned research conducted by Gabriele Basilico and Stefano Boeri “Sezioni del paesaggio italiano” (Sections of Italian landscape), published in 1997 in an eclectic atlas on the changes of the national territory.

The exhibition is promoted by Anas, together with the central Institute for graphics, the national museum of XXI century art MAXXI and with the support of Contship Italia Group, Willis Towers Watson and Planar, within the framework of the OIGO project (Osservatorio Internazionale sulle Grandi Opere – International Observatory on Large Infrastructures).

The documentation extends from the disposal of old infrastructures to the naturalization and the environmental clean-up; from the life stories of the men and women involved, directly or indirectly, in the infrastructural construction works to the presentation of works related to the highway, such as the Port of Gioia Tauro; up to the images of the physical and cultural landscape, displaying an inedited Southern Italy, occasionally inherently linked to the origins of each author.

An anthropological tale emerges, in which the monumental nature of large infrastructural works becomes a vehicle to explore both the transformation and emancipation of the cultural landscape of the regions crossed, and the integration and development of landscape architecture.


For further info you can visit the website www.versoilmediterraneo.it


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