18 May 2016

TCR partecipa alla riunione del Propeller Club su Fast Corridor

TCR (part of the Contship Italia Group) and Ravenna Port System, continue to promote the Fast Corridor project as an innovation to promote the seamless and efficient flow of cargo through the port, being an integral part of the logistical supply chain.


Milena Fico, TCR Managing Director, recently contributed with a speech to the “FAST CORRIDOR” meeting organized by “The International Propeller Club - Port of Ravenna”. Many members of the Ravenna port community took part in the event and showed a keen interest in this procedure and was an opportunity to discuss how to further improve system efficiencies and exploiting the new opportunities offered by the introduction of the new Customs Code of the European Union that became effective on May 1st this year.

The Fast Corridor was initially introduced on an experimental basis for a few months and generated a lot of positive feedback from users, who took advantage to access and use the new technology, incorporating the exchange of data via EDI messaging between public and private stakeholders.

TCR wants to be at the forefront of such innovation and is focused on making the processing of cargo more efficient, safe and quicker, thereby meeting the growing need for a smoother supply chain and the ability to handle any just-in-time requirements.


Download TCR Fast Corridor Keynote to learn more:

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