15 November 2018

Porto Lab lands in Genova, at the 23rd panel for Education, Formation and Employment orientation.

Contship Italia showcased the Porto Lab project, which opens the world of container terminals and of the logistics industry to little ones, in Genova at the “Orienta Menti” event held at the ancient port


The Education, Formation and Employment Panel is today at its 23rd edition. The event is tailored not only for students but also for families, professors and all professionals in the training and education industry. The aim is to showcase the educational assortment of Genova, the Ligurian region and Italy in general.

Many workshops and presentations will be flaring the event for the next three days, from November 13th to November 15th around the ancient port of Genova. Daniele Testi, Marketing and Communication Director of Contship Italia Group, showcased the Porto Lab project. Porto Lab has been opening the Group’s ports and logistic hubs for the past 13 years, transforming them into laboratories and places where younger ones can learn new exciting things. Porto Lab has already seen more than 22.000 kids involved from over 1000 primary school classes – further engaging kids with the Contship Homework Diary which is also part of the project. The Contship Diary has been distributed in more than 130.000 hard copies in various Italian primary schools (check out the latest one here).

We are very grateful to INAIL for inviting us to present our project in such an important event here in Genova today.” Daniele Testi explains. “We have a long going collaboration, especially in La Spezia and Ravenna. Training and safety is an important part of the program we put forward to schools that take part in Porto Lab. It is proven by the tens of thousands of helmets and yellow bibs we have handed out to kids in the last 13 years. The Porto Lab tutors and colleagues from QSE Dept are always present on the spot to explain rules for access in the operational areas. This year, with the new edition of the Contship Homework Diary, we decided to put sustainability as the focus point for the all of the educational steps we take within the project, knowing that new generations will play a fundamental role in developing action plans and best practices to improve the quality of the environment and of life in general. We have said this already in our latest campaign; a sustainable future cannot be inherited; it must be built.”

To know more about the Porto Lab Project, Contship Italia Group or the Orienta Menti event, click the links below:

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