13 March 2018

Porto Lab Academy 2018

February 22-23rd the Porto Lab team – tutors, educators and project partners – have joined in Marina di Carrara for the 2018 edition of the Porto Lab Academy.


For the first time, the Academy was held outside of a Contship Terminal, thanks to consolidation of the Port Authority of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara into one entity – the Port System Authority of the Oriental Ligurian Sea.

The event was held in a new format, divided in two days. The first day was dedicated to a public workshop, a debate was held between all parties involved in the Porto Lab project. After greetings from the Carrara Mayor - Francesco De Pasquale, and from the Local Port Authority President - Carla Roncallo, many more guests held speeches. Daniele Testi - in the role of President of SOS LOG (Association for Sustainable Logistics), Genziana Giacomelli - head of the National School of Logistics and Transport, Greta Marini – AIVP (International Association of Port Cities) Strategic Advisor, and the head of Communication and Promotion of Assoporti – Tiziana Murgia.

Speeches were followed by a roundtable, where tutors and representatives from the educational system debated on the opportunities and threats related to forming students today and in the near future, and the possible cooperation between ports and schools.

The second day, which was dedicated to the tutors – those who assist the young students during visits in ports, responsible of “showing and telling” the life of men and women in the ports – was centred on short educational sessions based on storytelling and evolution of communication techniques.

The event ended with unveiling of 2018/2019 edition of the Contship homework diary – distribution will start before the end of the current academic year.

Once again, the Porto Lab Academy is an important occasion for networking and exchanging ideas – a moment where theory and practice meet, and where everyone has the chance to give a profound contribution to this unique and valuable project.

Contship Italia Group wishes to thank all tutors, partners, institutions and professionals that took part , inviting everyone to follow the development of the project on www.portoloab.it, and on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).


Here you can watch all videos:


Intro + C.Roncallo - ADSP Mar Ligure Orientale   https://youtu.be/207tmBhlmAQ

D.Testi - SOS LOG   https://youtu.be/VGzAOBkG1d4

G.Giacomelli - Scuola Nazionale Trasporti   https://youtu.be/nQ_PX7RKNbU

G.Marini - AIVP   https://youtu.be/iG0U8qa_MdE

T.Murgia - Assoporti   https://youtu.be/AFW7t48Vdu4

Tavola rotonda   https://youtu.be/rUYDBKh9nVM

E.Breveglieri #1   https://youtu.be/YAdV2T8t2Ds

A.Placa - Comunicazione 2.0   https://youtu.be/-Nncw7lFmvM

E.Breveglieri #2   https://youtu.be/cW_WpF9_Rgc



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