3 February 2017

Porto Lab Academy 2017

On Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd February, Contship headquarters in Melzo hosted the 2017 edition of the Porto Lab Academy, part of CSR initiative Porto Lab launched by Contship in 2006.


For two days, Contship offices in Milan – Melzo have been hosting Porto Lab tutors (the Contship team who manage the children visits at the Group’s Terminals and Rail Hub Milano) and partners, reunited for the traditional meeting of the Academy, conceived to share personal experiences, ideas and feedbacks about Porto Lab related activities.

This year’s Academy featured opening remarks by Mauro Solinas (Contship Italia Group Head of Welfare department), a vision of the next 10 years of the project, by Daniele Testi (Contship Italia Group Marketing & Corporate Communications Director), and guest speakers such as Greta Marini (AIVP.ORG), whose intervention focused on the relationships between ports and cities, Elena Granata and Fiore de Lettera, with the “Adult for a Day” project, and the very useful lesson from Prof. Zaccuri, focusing on the best techniques and tricks to capture and retain the attention of a young audience. Micol Moraglia, presented the young apprenticeship and work-related learning program in Contship terminals, and Emanuele Breveglieri, the creative mind behind Porto Lab educational contents and activities, discussed with us the impact of the Porto Lab project on the schools and classes involved, and presented the 2017 “Port Mistery Box”, Porto Lab new escape experience.

During the last 10 years, 850 classes and over 30,000 children, accompanied by their teachers, have been stars for a day in the world of ports and rail hubs, supported by a passionate team of tutors from Contship maritime and intermodal terminals. Contship Italia Group wishes to thank, once again, all the tutors involved and every colleague supporting this unique project, as well as our young guests, their teachers and the sponsoring partners: Grendi Group, Bedeschi Group – OMG MGM, SKF Logistics Services Italy, Control Techniques – Leroy Somer, ATC La Spezia, Sapir, Briedacabins, Kalmar, INAIL and the Port Authorities of La Spezia, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari and Ravenna.


See you soon in Milan – Melzo, La Spezia, Ravenna, Gioia Tauro and Cagliari for new visits, discoveries and adventures!


Would you like to learn more about the birth and growth of the Porto Lab project?

Check out this short presentation, or come visit www.portolab.it and our social network profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

You can watch all the sessions of the Academy: they have been published on both Contship Italia Group and Porto Lab Facebook pages.


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