3 July 2018

Hannibal’s Melzo – Niederglatt connection takes off

Yesterday, Monday July 2nd, Contship Italia’s Multimodal Transport Operator - Hannibal, launched a second rail connection to Switzerland. Hannibal now runs a direct link to Zurich (Niederglatt) which complements the existing Melzo – Frenkendorf connection


Contship Italia Group is proud to announce another service expansion, with a new connection that covers the Swiss market. An additional option that makes the Southern Gateway a competitive and efficient alternative for continental and maritime trades.

To read more about the new connection, click here.


For more information on the service please do not hesitate to contact Hannibal's commercial team at sales@contshipitalia-hannibal.it or visit our Connectivity Tool and ask for a quote on intermodal maritime and continental connections:


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