16 July 2019

The Gulf of La Spezia is tinged with magenta for the first time as Ocean Network Express ship ONE Blue Jay arrives at LSCT

The arrival of the ONE Blue Jay on Sunday afternoon did not go unnoticed, even for those outside of the maritime business. Under sunny skies, with her magenta colored hull, the 364m long ship made her graceful entry alongside Contship Italia’s La Spezia Container Terminal.


Operated and deployed by the Ocean Network Express in THE Alliance’s MD2 Asia-Med string, she has a capacity of almost 14,000 TEU. Recently renamed ONE Blue Jay (ex NYK Blue Jay) she is the first ship in the new corporate livery to call at an Italian port. Magenta represents harmony and emotional balance and promotes kindness and cooperation.

For this special occasion, a delegation from ONE Italy made the trip to LSCT, including Operations Manager, Marco Torretta and Andrea Zuffanti, Senior Ports Coordinator who gratefully participated in the crest delivery ceremony, a longstanding tradition in LSCT for maiden-calls. The guests were accompanied on board by Alfredo Scalisi, the new General Manager of the terminal, Alessandro Pellegri as Operational Manager, Peter Robino Sales & Business Development dept. of Contship Italia and LSCT Terminal foreman Enrico Baldassarri. The local agency partners of ONE were also present and everyone was welcomed on board, by Captain Kumar Alok and his crew to commemorate the call in La Spezia.

Alfredo Scalisi commented “For Contship Italia and LSCT this is a special day. Ocean Network Express is a key customer for our terminal, ever since the company’s creation and even before then with the original three Japanese Lines that now make up ONE. The fact ONE continues operating at La Spezia recognizes its added value to our customers’ networks. We continuously strive to improve the quality of services and on this occasion, I must admit the splash of magenta colour is quite unique and added some welcome brightness alongside our Fornelli pier”.

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