17 November 2020

Great interest for the webinar on the new Fast Corridor Genoa-Melzo

Over 150 people have participated to the live streaming event, within the scope of the Green Logistics Intermodal Forum


The Green Logistics Intermodal Forum, the online fair dedicated to sustainable logistics, with the theme of intermodality at the center, was held on 12 and 13 November.

Contship Italia Group took part in the event, organizing a live webinar on the "New Fast Corridor Genoa-Melzo", which took place on the morning of 13 November and was viewed by over 150 participants in live streaming.

The webinar speakers were:

  • Daniele Testi, KAM & Marketing Director, Contship Italia
  • Stefano Morelli, General Manager, Rail Hub Milan
  • Matteo Ferrando, Sales & Customer Care Manager, Hannibal
  • Stefani Zani, Port Customs Office Manager, Rail Hub Milan

The speakers, after briefly explaining what fast corridors and their main advantages are, focused on the new Genoa-Melzo corridor, illustrating its specificities and clarifying the processes and steps to be able to use it.

Fast corridors are digital infrastructures to support the competitiveness of intermodal transport, as they allow the transfer of goods to a foreign state without issuing the T1 transit customs document and allowing the final import customs procedures to be completed not at the port of entry of the goods but at the inland logistics hub.

The main advantages deriving from the use of fast corridors by shipping lines, freight forwarders and importers / receivers can be summarized as follows:

  • leaner and more efficient customs processes
  • speeding up of import flows
  • cost savings associated with stops in port
  • greater security
  • greater competitiveness of the intermodal option
  • environmental sustainability

The webinar recording and presentation (in Italian only) are accessible at the following link.


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