29 January 2015

A Gioia Tauro Contship ricorda il fondatore, Angelo Ravano

In the middle of the '90s, our founder, Angelo Ravano, had a vision: transforming the disused port of Gioia Tauro into a hub catering for the huge new container ships, which have become the hallmark of naval power and the expansion of Containerized traffic worldwide.


In 2015, 20 years after the arrival of the first ship at MCT, Contship celebrates Angelo Ravano, following the decision of Gioia Tauro Port Authority to dedicate to his memory the road connecting the entrance gate of the port with Medcenter Container Terminal headquarters.


Since 1993, when the Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Government was signed, and the mega hub project started, MCT has handled more than 50 million TEUs, providing the territory with concrete opportunities for employment and development. Today, after 20 years of operations, MCT looks to the future with confidence in its own expertise and achievements, and a strong awareness of the urgent need to continue the growth path, starting from the development of the infrastructures that surround the terminal, indispensable to transform the port in a truly integrated industrial hub.


A precious opportunity to boost this growth and integration processes might come from the well known project for a SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in Gioia Tauro, project that has already been transformed into a proposal of law, currently idling in the Italian Parliament, awaiting for review and debate.

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