16 March 2016

Fast Corridor: TCR al convegno su ICT, logistica e innovazione nelle procedure di controllo delle merci

The Fast Corridor project, which became operational in Ravenna in January with the opening of a dedicated “Custom Corridor” to Bologna region, continues to provide TCR with the opportunity to improve and streamline its processes, through the adoption of advanced communication and technology solutions.


As explained by Alessandro Battolini (TCR Operation Manager) during the recent conference organized by the Port Authority of Ravenna from the title "ICT for innovation in the logistics and freight procedures", implementing the Fast Corridor project, TCR has adopted new advanced technological solutions to streamline gate operations, which have proved to be effective and able to reduce the time required for completion of receiving and delivery operations.

The new integrated Information and Communication technology system - comments Alessandro - allows to detect automatically through cameras images container and truck identification  data and transmit them immediately and without error to the terminal (TOS operating system), which in turns makes the information available on the WEB community system platform (Port Community System). Such innovative solutions, initially installed only at the gate out lanes, have proven to be reliable in real operations, to the point that TCR has decided to equip all its gates with the new technologies.

Milena Fico (TCR Director and General Manager), points out how "All of the operators working along the transportation supply chain are continuously looking for new solution to respond to the changes in consumer and manufacturing demand. With the aim to ameliorate the quality of services rendered to its valued customers, TCR is continuing to invest its resources. After the recent investment in the revamping of two Quay Cranes, and the order for three yard rail mounted gantry cranes, the full implementation of the new gate hardware and software solutions is another step forward in the direction of facilitating an efficient flow of cargo through our terminal, with direct benefits for the efficiency of the supply chain of our customers.” 


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