31 May 2017

Contship presenta il primo webinar sui Fast Corridor in lingua inglese

Contship recently launched a series of webinars, aimed at addressing various topics relating to integrated supply chain management.


The second Webinar – the first held in English language – took place on Tuesday, June 6th from 11.00 AM to 11.30 AM (CET). The webinar covered the topic of Fast Corridors, intangible infrastructures designed to facilitate the import process by moving customs procedures from the port of entry to the next logistics node.

Daniele Testi, Contship Head of Marketing, together with Peter Robino, from Contship Commercial Department, presented the main features and benefits of the Fast Corridors, now accessible to loaders, shippers and shipping companies.

The webinar illustrated the process that makes this innovation possible and the customers who can benefit the most from their use, describing the process by which an operator can now start using a particular Fast Corridor to streamline and restructure its logistic processes, reduce idle time in the port and end-to-end transit times, and move customs procedures from the terminal to the inland terminal of reference.


You can watch the video recording of the whole session:




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