23 March 2018

Contship Cagliari at CagliariPort2020

Contship Cagliari Terminal was present on March 21st, at the “Cagliari Port 2020” workshop, which was held in the headquarters of the Port System Authority of the Sardinian Sea, on the Ichnusa Pier.


The scope of the project is to develop models, technologies and tools that can be used for managing the logistics system in an integrated manner – from port activities to the surrouding city – focusing on the internal and external flows of cargo and passengers.

Vitrociset, in partnership with the Port System Authority of the Sardinian Sea showcased the results of the Cagliari 2020 project “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation”. The project was lead by Vitrociset and developed in liaison with CRS4, the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Depts and the IT and Mathematics Depts of Cagliari University, the Cagliari Transport and Mobility Consortium (CTM) and Contship Cagliari Terminal. A temporary association made up of Click&Find, Flosslab and 4CMultimedia, also supported project.

“What we have started today”- says Massimo Deiana, Port Authority President – “is a virtuous path that will further improve management of cargo and passenger flows. We will work will all entities that operate in the maritime industry, to digitize all our day-to-day processes and to create synergies that ensure streamlined quay operations. The project will favor the entire economic system, both on a social and productive perspective – obviously adding new and improved tools for passengers that utilize our ports, too.”

The day ended with a visit to the “system room” where attendees could witness different demos of systems and platforms; the PCS platform (Port Community System), a specific platform designed for promoting services for tourism, and the Sardegna OpenData system (a system managed and updated by Public Institutions).


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