24 January 2017

Contship al convegno “Shipping Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry”

Contship will be participating in the first edition of the symposium “Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry – the logistics and maritime clusters supporting the competitiveness of the Italian economy”, from Thursday February 2nd to Friday February 3rd in Milan (ASSOLOMBARDA Congress Center).


The two-day symposium will be held in Milan and aims to spark discussions on the competitiveness of the Italian ports and logistics system and how they can contribute to the growth of the Italian industrial and distribution system.

This will also be a platform for shipping and logistics leaders in Italy to address current issues in the industry with a special focus on the motorways of the sea, the logistic nodes (maritime and inland ports), railway system, intermodal networks and the latest innovations in the logistics process. One of the topics under the spotlight will be the recent reforms of the sector and the expected boost the reforms will bring to the national strategic plan for ports and logistics. Delegates at the symposium will hear updates on this from the perspective of various main players in the national logistics system and from representatives from the industrial and financial world.

Daniele Testi, Marketing Director of the Contship Italia Group said: “Contship sees this as a very interesting initiative and is proud to be part of the symposium. We appreciate this opportunity because we understand that it is always a challenge to gather cargo owners and logistic operators around the same table. This symposium takes place during a period of major change in the shipping industry, in particular significant changes and shifts in the alliances between global shipping lines whose rationalisation and integration efforts will take substantial shape from April 2017.”

“We think logistic operators must continuously improve their capabilities in order to monitor the needs of the end users, by integrating the advantages provided by digital technologies along the pre-sales and post-sales processes. We must shift towards an “always-on” listening approach, because the concerns on the risk of transportation and supply chain activities will highly influence the industry decisions.”

“However, we think the Italian logistics system can benefit from this dynamic, in particular when it is targeting the markets beyond the Alps – over the years, served uniquely through the northern European ports for their trades with India, the middle and Far East. We hope to change that point of view and increase the awareness of operators about the main roles of Italian ports and intermodal networks.”

The symposium, organised in close collaboration with the main national industrial sectors in Italy, together with their associations, will take place on Thursday February 2nd and Friday February 3rd at the ASSOLOMBARDA Conference Center (Via Pantano 9 – Milano).


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