5 November 2019

Contship Italia's Road Show ends on a high note

Contship Italia Group, Italy’s leading container terminal and intermodal service provider, successfully concluded its 5th Asia Road Show on Friday Nov 1st 2019, having met over 200 senior supply-chain professionals during visits to major cities across Asia, including Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.


Mr Daniele Testi, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director who led the Contship delegation, said: “In our fifth year of engaging with the major trade hubs in Asia, we have been warmly welcomed by our friends and business partners during this Road Show. It was wonderful to share the celebration of Contship’s 50th anniversary with so many friends in Asia.

The feedback we received this time is very clear – logistics stakeholders now recognise the supply chain is becoming more fragmented and complex. But within that there are great opportunities to be exploited and with good risk-management practise, greater value for customers can be gained, via Contship Italia’s unique value proposition.

More than ever those attending, were keen to discuss the economic and business benefits of using the southern gateway as an alternative routing to south and central Europe.” 

La Spezia Container Terminal, a gateway port operated by Contship Italia Group, offers a unique integrated port-to-door system which together with Contship’s intermodal system enables cargo to be delivered to importers with reduced transit-times, improved security of their supply-chain and a lower carbon foot-print.

The comprehensive inland connectivity provides access to multiple markets in Italy as well as south and central Europe.





Testi added: “We believe that more than ever it is important to highlight the southern gateway alternative to Asian freight forwarders, cargo owners and NVOCCs. Prudent risk-management of the supply chain in a world which is increasingly laden with risk, is an obvious strategy for today’s modern logistic service providers.

Due to Congestion, environmental and other issues via the traditional gateway through northern ports, we are seeing many shippers now seeking to mitigate this risk. Contship Italia and the Group’s integrated terminal and rail solutions are ideally placed to provide such alternatives.”



Daniele Testi comments on the 2019 Contship Italia Asian Road Show



“Trades are facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty and the IMO 2020 sulphur cap will lead to carriers saving on steaming-time as well as encouraging more cargo volume flowing between Asia and Europe to enter via the nearer south European ports such as La Spezia,” said Mr Peter Hill, head of sales and Business development at Contship.

“We are seeing steady volume growth between Italy, China and South- East Asia in both exports and imports and we are encouraged that more forwarders and shippers are reaping the benefits of using the alternative routing option to differentiate their product and limit risk of product commoditisation.

In the longer term, China is going remain a very significant trading partner with Europe and Italy in particular. Presently 30% of total throughput in La Spezia is with China, becoming almost 60% if we include other South Eastern and Central Asia regions,” he concluded.



Peter Hill comments on the 2019 Contship Italia Asian Road Show



Contship Italia Group’s delegation to Asia:

  • Mr Daniele Testi, Marketing & Corporate Communications Director
  • Mr Peter Hill, Sales & Business Development Director
  • Mr Peter Robino, Sales & Business Development


The Contship Italia team completed its engagements in Asia for this year with a series of meetings in Singapore on 1 November.

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